Like any child, bullied or not, I always remember having something in my life that gave me a sense of catharsis. For me, it was piano. For others it could be any positive adjective. Whether the bully or the victim, a child should understand that when they go home and draw, paint, play an instrument, run, walk, dream, cook, eat, or whatever, that they are doing something that makes them happy and that separates them from the world, allowing them to be happy for a second and drown out the world around them.

Art is undeniably an escape for many kids in school. It is incredibly important to give a child the idea that they are allowed to find something that they are passionate about and something that they can use to express how they feel or just focus on something completely outside of what ever is going on in their lives.

I've created a campaign, one that I hope is formulated as such so that it is malleable and accessible to as many different artistic interests as they are. This video focuses on a child's ability to go home and write a fictional story about the princess who has it all. She gets lost in her story and smiles. Throughout every video there will always be the child's hands doing whatever it is that makes them happy, a statistic about how the arts help children, and a smile from that child, a reassuring note that being an individual and doing what you love is never anything short of normal and acceptable.

I chose to use the Trevor project for personal reasons. Artists Against Bullying was created to be a sub-campaign for a larger non-profit. This was a school project and I wanted to use the Trevor Project because of their beliefs and their sheer talent when it comes to helping kids that just need to hear that they are special. I was greatly influenced by their campaign as a high school student, so this bring my campaign even closer to home.

Music by Ludovico Einaudi, "I Giorni"

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