Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ruma develops and promotes tourism products and potentials in the municipality.

Presently, Ruma has 32,000 residents while the entire municipality has 60,006 residents, 16 villages and an urban village. Along with developed agricultural industry, there are other industries present: leather industry, shoe and tire industry, building materials, metal, printing and food industry, transportation, trade, crafts and catering industry. Great attention is paid to the harmonious town development. All the capital municipal facilities and the infrastructure of the town were built from the voluntary taxes.
Ruma has a network of pre-school institutions, primary and secondary schools. It has extensive health care services and several pharmacies, the Social Service Center and the Gerontology Center. The joint of cultural, sports and business facilities and hotels offers great possibilities for the development of cultural and sports activities and modern hotel industry. The town has three Orthodox Churches, the Catholic Church, the museum, library, adult education center, cultural arts societies, town choir and a radio station. The Festival of Music Societies of Vojvodina has been hosted in Ruma for over three decades now. The new town theater also works successfully. Sports recreational activities take place at the four football fields and school playgrounds. There is a managed beach at Borkovac Lake. The Sava River, Obedska Pond, the woods in the southern part of the municipality, Borkovac Resort, Fruska Gora National Park in the northern part of Srem offer great possibilities for tourism and recreation development.

As the Day of the Town, Ruma celebrates November 24.

Turistička organizacija opštine Ruma razvija i promoviše turističke proizvode i potencijale u samoj opštini.

Glavna 172, 22400 Ruma, Serbia

phone: +38122470655



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