Coded Matter(s) – Explorations in hybrid art, design and music.

FIBER and de Brakke Grond presents an audiovisual summary of the 1st edition of Coded Matter(s) #1: Unfolding Space. The event took place on Tuesday 10 September 2013.

Coded Matter(s) is a new series exploring the explosion of digital processes taking place in art, design and music and the ripples this causes in the form of influence. Together with Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond we’ve put together two high-energy evening programmes with talks, showcases and performances. During these events creatives will demonstrate the limitless possibilities offered by digital systems and creative coding platforms for the creation of visual art, generative design, interactive installations, multi-sensory performances and enchanting scenography.

Coded Matter(s) #1 – Unfolding Space:
On Tuesday evening September 10, the first edition of Coded Matter(s) focussed on the development of interactive and sensory spaces. Software is now managing parts of our city and even influencing the way we interact socially. New ways of experiencing space are arising with the use of sensors, projections and mobile technology. Artists and designers are responding to this with room-sized installations, interactive dance performances and ‘augmented’ environments. These developments are completely transforming our perceptions of space and media.


Elektropastete (DE) - talk & workshop
Elektropastete is a German digital arts collective self-described as ’6 anillustratophotocoders and 1 typographiconoclast’. Born out of their discontent with the Nuernberg nightlife, a group of Media Design students at Nuernberg’s University for Applied Sciences started organising their own parties, focusing on an inspiring visual atmosphere. After the success of their parties, the collective grew into what it is today. Working both for commercial clients as well as on autonomous and experimental projects, Elektropastete has developed a wide oeuvre of installations, light-based performances and other works that bridge the gap between virtual and physical.

Elektropastete and Raphael de Courville also gave their workshop ‘Fifty Shades of Shaders’, an introduction to using shaders for creative coders and enthusiasts.

LAb[au] (BE) – Talk:
LAb[au] are a Belgian artist-trio consisting of Manuel Abendroth, Els Vermang and Jérôme Decock. Their oeuvre displays themes such as colour, light, sound, motion and are characterised by space, concept and the influence of process-based creation. LAb[au]’s experimental and innovative art practice focuses on fundamental research of contemporaneity in art.

Daniel Berio (IT) – Installation:
Daniel Berio (1978) is a programmer and designer from Florence, Italy. Resulting from years of experience as a graffiti artist, his ArtScience research is an attempt to merging the aesthetics of his own style of graffiti letters with algorithmic art. He is developing generative graffiti algorithms whose output is fed to physical drawing machines and augmented with real-time projections, mixing real ink with projected light as a painterly medium.

Electronic Performers (ES), Trinity – interactive dance performance:
Trinity is an audiovisual interactive dance piece which tells the journey of a body going through different states of perception of the space. Through movement, the body is immersed in an environment of textures and audiovisual landscapes that not only accompany but will push to a transformation process.

Michiel de Lange (NL) – Talk:
Michiel de Lange is a part-time Lecturer in New Media Studies, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University; co-founder of The Mobile City, a platform for the study of new media and urbanism; advisor e-culture at Mediafonds; and works as a freelancer in the field of (mobile) media and urban culture and identity. Together with Martijn de Waal, Michiel founded The Mobile City, an organisation with a research-based approach to how digital media technologies shape urban culture and urban design.

Michel van Dartel (NL) – Moderator:
Michel van Dartel is a curator at V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival and guest curator at art centre TENT, MU gallery and the Energize festival. He teaches at Luca Brussels University College and Hanze University of Applied Science. Amongst his recent publications is the e-book ‘New Aesthetic, New Anxieties’, which he co-authored. Michel holds an MSc in Cognitive Psychology and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

Sound Design by Leon Lubberdink
Intro/outro Graphics by Daan van Hasselt
Video by Tanja Busking

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