After two month and half of exhibition at les Docks this summer over 10000 peoples have been welcomed, insiders, new comers and late comers from around the world stepped in to discover the portraits of generation.

Self published and auto distributed this book object printed in Italy is an all ready a must have for the insiders.

No skateboarding offers an intimate insight into the otherwise rather mysterious world of skateboarding. In the tradition of grand portraiture, the book pays tribute to the influential figures of skateboarding by photographing them in the environment where they wrote their history: the street.

Driving 20 475 miles across California on a series trips done over a period of close to ten years, the author has tracked down every single one of the sitters to appear in this skateboarding hall of fame.

The setting for those portraits is not the photographer’s studio or an elaborate set but the men’s immediate environment: the city.

The book tells the story of 70 encounters with these men, and the story of 70 portraits all done with one simple rule: one sitting, one old-fashioned square format camera and one roll of film. The result is a strong visual identity

The portraits represent a generation of men who all contributed to shaping skateboarding culture. It is to preserve this sense of community that the portraits have been kept unpublished to this day. Done over a period of more than 10 years, the book also situates the life stories and trajectories of its sitters before and since the portrait and as such is also a reflexion on time.

Foreword by Jordan Grant Brittain, former director of photography for Transworld Skateboarding and current director of photography for TheSkateboardmag which he co-founded ten years ago.

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