The development team is the heart and soul of agile. If you have highly productive teams that can understand and focus on delivering value for their organizations, you will see great results. But if your team is a group of individuals only focused on their own personal goals in a highly dysfunctional environment, implementing agile will be much more difficult and painful. However, if you focus on getting the team to a self-organized state, you will start to see amazing results. This is what the founders of agile realized when they said, "The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams." Join us as we break down the key steps to creating a team of empowered, self- organized and effective individuals that not only survive, but THRIVE.

In this webinar, BigVisible coach Skip Angel will discuss the topic of self-organization and impart his experience and insights from inside the ‘trenches’.

Specifically, this webinar will explore:

- Why is self-organization such a critical ingredient in adopting agile?
- What does a self-organized team look like? And how do you get your team there?
- What are some common pitfalls that keep teams from becoming self-organized?
- What can ScrumMasters or agile coaches put in place to encourage self-organization to happen?

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