It's syllable=year 260 AD. Everyone and his brother is a wannabe Caesar. So Paul characterizes the period as 'bring under one head' -- yeah, and the other heads get chopped off. A young man at this time has a dream of growing up to be that head; for a gypsy told him he would become that head, once he killed 'a boar' (Apher, later the father in law of Numerian). His name? Diocles, later known to history as Diocletian, from whom we get diocese. And when? In year 283, when he murders his rivals -- per his own dating of his own ascension, annotated by Paul as 'everything on earth'.

Lots of wannabe heads of an emergent church, too. Heads flying everywhere, writing against fellow Christians, making trouble in the Empire, flashing their piety around. History will never be the same.

You think God is trying to tell us something from Paul's writing, 200+ years prior?

This video is thus a shocking, panoramic introduction, updated for Mary's meter and the fact that the Jews in the Talmud, used almost the same metric values for their own estimations of Messiah's arrival, 220 years after Christ. (See Sanhedrin 97-99, but esp. 97 and 99.) So Paul simply uses meter to engage in a long rabbinical tradition of timing rules for Messiah's arrival -- updated now, due to Church's Arrival. Hence -- again in rhetorical tradition since Psalm 90, via meter -- Eph1:3-14, predicts Church history yearly as a recurring trend, in order to show the doctrinal theme of Ephesians: How Church Determines History.

And where in history? The Under-One-Head trend, Ephesians 1:10b, which was the dream of the two big counterfactions in Christendom, centered at Alexandria/Antioch and Rome; also, the big dream of one Diocles, who at this point is still a kid. Kids dream dreams that warring believers execute, since The Church Believer Determines History.

Turns out my pastor taught this very doctrine -- which he called 'invisible heroes' -- FROM Ephesians, for seven whopping years: his '1985 Ephesians' series. You can get it free on mp3 or DVD from ; about 2100 lessons of exegesis, taking you all over the Bible. Heavy stuff. He did NOT know the meter, as far as I can tell. In 40 years of study under him, I've never heard him talk about it. So this is a major reinforcement of his class content, which I did not expect.

So here, we first review Paul's keyword and meter technique from Eph 1:3 forward, updated to incorporate both Mary's meter value, and the Talmudic Sanhedrin 97-99 recognition of the timeline (though Talmud mentions only values, not the fact they are Bible meters).

This video then covers how Church was engaged in its own 'crisis of the 3rd century', believer against believer, everyone scrambling for religious suzerainty; how its scrapping leadership exercised very anti-Christ policies, mingled in politics and sought power from Caesar, rather than God -- just as Rev 17 predicted. Church Father 'Hall of Shame' links in Ephesians1REPARSED are shown, so you can read their own ugly words for yourself, (substitute 'htm' if you prefer htm, but the latter is not as well formatted); you need BibleWorks fonts (freely downloadable at ). PDF version is .

Episode 11t3-4 will cover into what world, Diocletian grew up; how that world, shaped his personality and politics. His time is characterized by Ephesians 1:10, the warring Church factions trying to defeat each other in order to consolidate 'under one head' all religious power in heaven and earth; the secular Roman factions thus also trying to do the same. Period corresponds to 252-284 AD, culminating in Diocles' rise to power.

A great book on this guy is here: . Last half of the video highlights his personality. Here's a book you can buy: . Or, this one:

Episode 11t5-6 will cover highlights of his rule, with a focus on policies and politics which fostered the rise of Constantine. It was under Constantine that the Roman Catholic Church actually formed. Constantine continued ALL the repressive policies of Diocletian, merely changing the name of the enemy to Christians, pagans and Jews who would not 'side' with the Christian power elites who curried Constantine's favor. That favor shifted back and forth between the Alexandria-Antioch and Roman axes, as will be shown in later videos.

Constantine was a jerk. To know why he was a jerk, you must first understand Diocles, his mentor.

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