*** Presented at State of the Map 2013, by Christian Graf and Frank Wippich ***
*** For more info including slides, where available, see lanyrd.com/2013/sotm/scpkgc/
*** Full schedule also available at wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_Of_The_Map_2013

Christian and Frank will report on a pilot project with a travel agency to build quickly- customizable emaps for the blind, using OSM data with a proprietary algorithm that abstracts and transforms the data. The maps are embossed with a commercially available tactile printer on cardboard as a collection of dots that form streets, parks, landmarks, and labels. It is now possible to simplify geographical reality into comprehensible tactile maps. They will present the users’ experiences and the lessons learned, especially concerning the use of OSM data. An outlook on how the service can be targeted to tour operators in Europe and public institutions to enable a fully accessible, affordable and easy 'spacial experience' to any blind traveller is given.

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