Al Burgo
Z. Louis Finney
Tom Russo
Ayana Corbin
Martin Silver
Chris Fraley
Eric Michael Kochmer
Jai Catalano
Kimberley G. Thomas
Sam Schrieber
Nattacia Satie
Chauntney Thompson
David Albin
Errol "Spat" Oktan
Heather Harris
David Eppley

with cameo appearances by Damn Smooth regulars Brendan Foley, Aaron Pinder, Simon Zurita, Claudia Martinez, and yours truly.

Hangman's Noose on IMDB:

"HANGMAN'S NOOSE" is my second feature film on 16mm, this time in black and white. This was my followup to "SOLOMON'S REQUIEM." You can view the making of the film here:

The Dagger was a creation of mine back in high school when I wrote a screenplay called "Buckshot Slick," which was a mix of Boyz in the Hood meets Big Trouble in Little China. I don't know too much about the details of that script since I lost it almost ten years ago, but no doubt it probably would make me cringe to read it today. But being that it was a mix of various film genres, I created the Dagger as a mesh between the superhero genre and blaxploitation genre. No doubt you will also see influences from characters like Batman and Will Eisner's The Spirit as well. I liked the character so much that I created an unrelated story with the Dagger as the main character. The script was followed by a comic book sequel I did in college, and then fast forward to 2004 and I began shooting a live action film version of the Dagger.

Hangman's Noose takes many of the plot elements of the first Dagger screenplay, Jagged Edge from 1995, and its comic book sequel, Night of Revelations, and combines them into one film. It was an easy decision to shoot the film in black and white for both artistic and budgetary reasons.

Like Solomon's Requiem, Hangman borrows the special effects talents of Spatcave Studios. In addition to the alien makeup for The Dagger, there is also makeup for a duck character and a goat demon.

While the structure of the narrative is not as good as I had hoped, it does end up being a fun midnight B movie. Until WHAT AM I (2013,) it was probably my best film to date both on a technical level as well as a storytelling level. Its flaws certainly do undermine the complexity of the relationship of the characters involved, especially with how underdeveloped in some areas they are, but the visuals and atmosphere create a dark, gloomy world where our freedoms and individuality are certainly under attack, piece by piece. The Dagger, being part human, can risk fighting the establishment because he has nothing to lose. What he had hoped to gain, his humanity, is now lost in favor of a desire to see his overseers crumble and scatter.

This is also the first Damn Smooth film where me and the regulars do not play main roles. We all took a back seat to newcomers and seasoned veterans like Al Burgo as Vincent Tamblyn, Ayana Corbin as Uelia, Tom Russo as detective Franti, and Z. Louis Finney as The Dagger. HANGMAN'S NOOSE would be the last feature film I direct before a temporary retirement which ended in 2013 when I directed both WHAT AM I (2013) and the upcoming D.H.A.R.M.A. 9 (2014.)

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