'Diminishing Returns' from HARMONY's new 7" Diminishing Returns/Cut Myself Clean out through Poison City

"Diminishing Returns is a gloomy further step away from retroactivity and another step closer to meandering weirdness. Chrome dome vocals bouncing and clipping like rolling razors on a low tension trampoline. It's a medicated waltz that erupts into a carpetbombed guitar solo that explodes like clusters of dropped doom. A simian outro that reeks of primordial grime.The chorus however is probably the best chorus I have written. So good we only play it once...This song gets numerous votes around camp Harmony as our favourite new song; it's weird, it's non linear but it's still a losing cycle, it's eerily soft then primitively loud and will do nothing to help us fit in with any kind of crowd. We never learn and I just keep losing. - Tom Lyngcoln

Director/Editor: Matthew T. Ellery
Director of Photography: David McKinnar
Lighting: Daniel von Czarnecki

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