The Capitols present themselves, accompanied with some excerpts from a live show.

Written and produced by The Capitols
Directed, photographed and cut by Simon Aschenbrenner
Footage of The Capitols' performance at Backstage, Munich kindly provided by Martin Noweck, Matz TV

Fresh, breathing Classic-/Alternative-/Indie-Rock from Munich, Germany. The mixture of the good ol’ rock-guitar combined with modern influences and exotic sonical experiments creates something wellknown, but still excitingly thrilling. For instance, Matija, Johann, Sami and Jan started experimenting with the baroque recorder and other unusual instruments, which lead them to success as big as possible for a schoolband: Various appearances on Bavarian TV and Radio shows and playing the bigger festivals and locations. So a new enormous wave slops over from Munich to the rest of the world ­– because that’s what The Capitols’ music is for.

Jan Salgovic: Guitars
Matija Chlupacek: Vocals/Guitar/Flute/Others
Johann Blake: Vocals/Bass
Sami Salman: Drums


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