When I woke up I knew it.
Today was the day. The day I would nail this trick, a spine transfer.
Having gotten dressed I grabbed my board and my phone, (if I was going to do this I was going to get proof) and headed down to the skate park.
I messed around for a few minutes, warming up, until I felt the moment… The time was now.
Inhale… Exhale
Inhale… Exhale
Inhale… Exhale
GO! I picked up speed as I approached the ramp, keeping my knees bent and keeping my center of gravity in check.
I was airbourne…
I came down on the other side of the ramp, perfectly nailing the transfer!
Quickly I skated to where I’d left my phone recording. There it was, my trick, captured in all it’s awesomeness for the world to see.
And they would see.

I would like to thank Rory Dudley for the footage and allowing me to write a story for him.

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