The Heart and Fruit of Transformation"
1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

The obedience that God wants from us is to be willingly and lovingly given from the heart, and out of a desire to please Him; vs. 1, Rev. 2:1 -5.
Obedience should be given in loving response to God's grace; Rom. 12:1, .Eph. 3:20-4:1
God desires that we be sanctified; vs. 3.
It is a lifelong process of becoming more Christ-like.
The test for determining which choices to make in life is to ask does this help me in my sanctification or not?
God's will is always what is best for us; Rom. 12:2.
His commandments are for our good; Deut. 4:40, 6:24, 10:12-13.
The importance of sexual purity; vs. 3-6.
We are not to be ruled by our passions and lusts.
Appetite does not justify consumption.
Our ability to obey God is made possible through the gift of the Holy Spirit; vs. 8.
We cannot obey God or please Him in the flesh; Rom. 8:7-8.

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