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"Since the start of the poaching epidemic in 2008 South Africa has lost over 2000 rhinos - a figure that, despite so much effort, increases daily. Coupled with the increasing poaching figure comes the question -- why after all this are we still losing more rhino than ever? Sadly, few people realize the challenges facing those on the frontlines -- thousands of kilometers to patrol with little to no idea of where the poachers plan to hit next. At this stage the poachers have the upper hand -- they know when, they know how, and if need be they'll just come back another day or hit a softer target.

Bearing this in mind, intelligence driven operations (knowing the when and the how) are the cornerstone to cracking the level 1 and 2 syndicates (see our Learn More About Poachers page), which is why we're putting as much available funding into investigations and informant networks as possible while at the same time still focusing on training and special equipment. Winning the hearts and minds of communities living around rhino reserves is paramount to intelligence gathering - a special focus of Stop Rhino Poaching in certain areas in 2013.

There has been a large proliferation of level 1 poaching gangs, with new gangs becoming involved all the time. There is evidence of gangs hiring in guns and/or shooters from other gangs, gangs splitting to form new gangs and some gangs selling horns off to the highest bidder.

Mozambique has a lot to answer for when it comes to doing far too little to address the poaching situation. Their citizens illegally breach our border, armed with illegal semi-automatic/automatic weapons (on its own an act of terrorism and a matter of National Security) with the intent to kill rhinos in Kruger. Mozambique is upset that South African's are killing their people, yet never mind the threat to our rangers and troop's lives this side. The community upliftment from poaching profits in Mozambique is staggering, so why would a government already in bed with Vietnam and China do anything to alleviate rhino losses this side?

Reflecting back over the last three years since's launch in June/July 2010, to where South Africa is today, noteworthy progress has been made (though we still lack an influential political champion). Mobilizing a country is no easy task, let alone getting everyone to pull in the same direction, and the synergy that has been forming amongst various stakeholders and role-players in encouraging to see.

The figures are soaring despite so much effort by so many good people. That said, too many rhinos still die because of ineffective systems, THE LACK OF POLITICAL WILL, empathy and sheer bloody negligence. will continue to channel funding towards specific projects, putting as much as we can into areas containing larger rhino populations that are managed by DEDICATED and RESPONSIBLE conservation minded rhino owners/custodians. There are many groups doing their bit in areas where they can make a difference. Our focus is on the rangers, APU's, security and managers - the thin green line that stands between the poachers and the rhinos. Some days are soul destroying, the sheer vastness and cruelty of what we are up against is overwhelming, but no matter how bad it gets we have to keep on trying. No matter what, all of you, please don't give up.

Thank you to the NWCRU, the SAPS Hawks, prosecutors, investigators, security companies, responsible rhino owners, reserve managers, staff, APU rangers, NGO's, rhino champions and all those who strive day and night to keep rhinos safe. Thank you too to everyone who has supported the cause.

To every person out there who has had the unforgettable experience of encountering a rhino. To each of you out there who has always longed to do so.

To anyone who calls themselves a lover of nature, a supporter of conservation, a human being, let's stand together as a nation proud and DO SOMETHING."

from StormSignal:

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD - This is a winnable fight and a worthy cause.


Send an email demanding action to save the Black (and White) Rhinoceros of Nelson Mandela's country to the contact address of the African National Congress, South Africa's ruling party.

Telephone: +27(0)11 376 1000
Fax: +27(0)11 376 1242/+27(0)86 508 2441

Visit ('NGO of the year' 2012 on this issue.)
To learn more and donate what you can to the cause.

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