The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness game designed for you to see what kind of impact you can have on your body, fitness, and lifestyle if you commit yourself to a specific structure. There are three categories for the game - Performance Results, Physical Results, and Lifestyle and Accountability. This is not just a “change your body” challenge. It is a “who you are” challenge! Nutrition, workouts, mobilization, supplements, daily accounting, community engagement -- if you play all out you won’t believe the results you can get!

The 55th CrossFit gym in the nation and the first one in Long Beach/Signal Hill to open its doors, CrossFit Long Beach (CFLB) has been helping everyday people transform themselves into high-performing athletes since 2005. Providing our members with a clear path to elite fitness: this is our purpose, our priority and our passion.

Video by Fat Tony.

The Story Changes
"Nights Collide"

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