455 The incredible living word for those who have eyes to see

This message will prove once and for all the evolution is a total and complete lie!

SECTION 1: CREATE: in this first section let us look at the greatness of our King. How this world did not come from the “Big Bang”. How all these different systems working together are intricate and complicated but yet simple and pure. How each system of the world was created by Yehovah Elohim for a purpose. In that purpose you can see His incredible majesty. Once your take a deeper educated look at these systems of the world and of the human body you should then ask this question. If there are all of these systems is there more for my eyes to see? Are there clues to something greater to be found in His word living in the times we do? For when the word says to prepare or for those that have eyes to see what should that mean to me?
SECTION 2: EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR: Many times when you are new at things you see but don’t see. You see what is going on but cannot comprehend the madness. In the world we are living in many people especially in the “body” are not comprehending what they are seeing. If we study the past and see that the words in our bibles are actually true events that did happen. That the prophecies did come true. We will then stop and take a closer look to evaluate what is being said and prepare our own hearts. If we prepare we are blessed. If we don’t it says I 1st timothy 5:8 we are worse than an infidel.
SECTION 3: THINGS ARE IN MOTION: the stage is being set for a time of great trials like never seen before in the history of the world. My people the Hebrew people cried when they were carried off to Babylon. They were horrified when the second temple was burned to the ground and they were sent into the Diaspora. They were terrified when they were being loaded on the cattle cars for the Holocaust. Prophecy is real and the trains are pulling into the station for once again the stage is set for something huge. We will look at corruption and the prophecies associated with it.

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