The shocking story of the depraved and the incorrigible. This woman is CONDEMNED.

An excerpt from the short film, "Condemned".

Selected Press:

“The film is impeccably shot, with a gripping performance by Florence as our paranoid prisoner and a soudntrack reminiscent of the great spaghetti westerns.”
Steven Puchalski, Shock Cinema Magazine #38

“Shai is a wonderful director capable of making every situation seem like a time capsule of the fifties and this film is no exception. He manages to bring the best out of his cast and their performances are sharp . . . as a short form tale, it’s yet another achievement for Shai.”
Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema-Crazed

“The atmosphere the film builds is superb. Writer/director Oren Shai has a very strong visual sense which he puts to striking use here to create a look that is dark and grimy . . . the cast are uniformly excellent . . . Condemned is an excellent film and one that very effectively captures a grungy 1950s inspired aesthetic.”
Paul Pritchard, Pulpmovies

“Condemned keeps it simple and trusts heavily in the dialogue, minimal but thoughtful sets, great soundtrack (using old spaghetti western soundtrack songs) stylish use of light and shadows and three great actresses.”
Esa Linna, EMVG

“Oren Shai has once again presented us with a beautifully produced film and shown us how visuals should be done . . . the use of light, shadow and narration by the prisoner really set an amazing mood for the film, and it’s definitely worth checking out.”
Duane L. Martin, Rogue Cinema


Margaret Anne Florence as Female Convict #1031
Aprella as Laura (#1059)
Ashlie Atkinson as The Night Guard

Written & Directed by Oren Shai

Produced by Natalie Rose

Director of Photography: Ryan Gould

Production Design: Pastor Alvarado III & Genn Leong

Co-Producer: Noah Todd



Official Selection: The Frozen Film Festival (2010), Action on Film (2010)

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