Although we had a practical syringe prop on set, I made the choice to model a CG replica for two reasons;

(1) It was easier to create consistent, professional looking labelling on the syringe that way.
(2) So that I could create macro photographic style shots of the syringe, some of them involving camera movement.

In this example, I keyed the actor (Dean Kilbey) off a locked off green screen shot and then projected that image onto very simple geometry, a collection of rounded cubes, cylinders and an elongated sphere.

The syringe model was lit to match the plate and virtual environment (the room was a CG creation throughout the short film) and a single frame was rendered. The floor under the syringe (created using displacement) was also rendered, as a separate image, but with shadows from the syringe also included.

The syringe image was re-projected back onto it's own geometry and the floor was projected onto a flat plane representing the floor. No displacement was added this time.

The camera was then animated and the scene rendered using Cinema 4D's "physical camera" with depth of field adjusted throughout the shot.

Finally, the background image of the room was added behind the render and final colour correction and focus adjustments were made in Nuke.

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