A few years back, Target was selling DVD's of old martial arts films in their $1 bins. I purchased one called "The Street Fighter" which was made in 1974 and starred Sonny Chiba, whose name I recognized from listening to hip-hop music over many years. The movie collected dust in a shoebox of unwatched DVD's until one random Saturday afternoon when I randomly had a few spare hours for viewing.

The movie itself was quite horrible as far as acting and plot are concerned but the fatalities… oh my! The methods in which the bad guys die (literally) at the hands of Sonny Chiba were insane! Karate chop to the skull! Castration! Ripping out of the Adam's Apple! All exasperated by Chiba's legendary, over-the-top facial expressions! YES!

I was so amazed and inspired by the fatality scenes that I digitized the movie and edited together a montage, laid over the movie's main theme music. You can even see some digital artifacts that came from the rip. All the footage is original with no additional graphics added. Even more, while doing some research on the film, I learned that not only is the film in public domain but it was the first ever film to receive an X-rating for violence!

Edited in Final Cut Pro 7


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