This is the opening title sequence for the ABC TV Education block, which was rebranded and relaunched in July 2013. I conceived, filmed, designed and animated this spot and also designed the new logo.

This was a challenging brief. I was given the task of creating new opening titles which required the incorporation of subjects such as literature, science, history, music, art, Indigenous culture and mathematics within a 40 second timeframe that would engage children and make education look like fun - and all on no budget.

My concept was to find wonder in the everyday, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. I filmed a student's desk (my coffee table) covered with items you might find on any child's desk - a fishtank, a book, a map. I developed a set of animating diagrams for each object, relating them back to the school curriculum and show content. Although the scene shows small, ordinary objects, the diagrams illustrate much bigger concepts and suggest larger environments.

Each weekday the ABC broadcasts an hour of content designed to work in collaboration with the Australian school curriculum. Children in primary and secondary schools across the nation watch programs such as "Behind the News" and "My Place" - it's a service the ABC has provided for over 40 years. The previous opening titles to the Education block were on air for 12 years, so the challenge to create something which would be relevant for potentially many years to come was an interesting one.

This spot was shot on a Canon EOS550D and animated in After Effects. I am employed by the ABC and made these titles in-house. The music was composed by Uncanny Valley.

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