A brokenhearted 20-something relives a lost relationship as he explores the physical space created by his ex-girlfriend's text messages.

Starring Tyler Ritter ("The McCarthy's) and Alexandra Daddario ("True Detective", PERCY JACKSON)
Directed by Laurence & Jessica Jacobs

*Featured on: Yahoo!, Film School Rejects, Just Jared, Laughing Squid, and Slash Film.

Isolated in his bedroom on a Saturday night, Benjamin is your run-of-the-mill, brokenhearted 20-something. While he obsessively scrolls through past text messages between him and his ex-girlfriend, we soon enter his subconscious and travel through a virtual message world. Nostalgia sets in, as he revisits old messages, pictures, and videos. The journey moves backward in time, beginning at the end of the couple's history (when they are no longer speaking) and ending at the beginning of their relationship: their first text message. Through painfully visceral memories, Benjamin must find a way to let go of the memory that once was, or surrender to digital nostalgia forever.



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