Welcome DuIK Tool's very first English language tutorial!

DuIK Tools is a revolutionary Inverse Kinematics script for After Effects developed by Nicolas Dufresne a.k.a DuDuf (vimeo.com/duduf) which brings the principles behind 3D rigging to After Effects, giving greater precision and faster, more lifelike animations!

Check here for an example of it in action: vimeo.com/7908382

Click here for the skeleton source file: tinyurl.com/yjmy6uj

For more info, visit DuIK's site: ik.duduf.com


I stumbled upon it randomly through Google a few weeks ago. A single post in an Andrew Kramer forum was raving about the technique but lamenting the fact that there was no English language tutorials out there. The cry was for Mr. Kramer himself to do one but the big man was probably too busy on some Hollywood blockbuster to hear his disciples in need. So, I thought I'd step in...for the greater good of the community, of course.

Thanks to DuDuf for letting me put the word out there. This script is amazing! It has totally revolutionized my animations and increased the bounds of my creative spectrum. This is my first tutorial so I hope it serves its purpose. Any comments or suggestions on how I could improve this tutorial would be most appreciated!

There is much more to DuIK which I will explore in future tutorials. I just wanted to share its central essence, so other people could enjoy playing with it like I have.



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