Reworking and transforming TV and film material, to challenge it's initial meaning. this work attempts to comment on, deconstruct and critique mass media narratives and social structures. By subverting the original source, i have attempted to confront the viewer to the construction of cultural archetype using the very medium i am attacking.

Popular films and programmes are used that employed effective camera and editing devices, to then deconstruct the language of those broadcasts, reducing, separating, repeating elements to expose the fundemental nature of televisual strategies.

The act borders on a fit of delirium.
Here the subliminal cannot caress, it comes out with its hands up, the smile wiped from its face.
The accelerated velocity of this work doesn't create an alternative camouflage. at this speed the viewers passivity is unsafe and active viewing is a necessary pleasure. this film attempts to put a spin on things, change their coordinates. The peripheries relocate to the core drawn by the centrufugal force of the editing.

Posing a threat
To threatening poses

Television and hollywood communicate ideologies via formal and technical means; by repeating and zooming in on aspects this is highlighted. however it is not totally dismissive of popular culture but also romanticizes & provides instances for creative reinvention.

"TV is manipulated before it manipulates us"- Dara Birnbaum.

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