This film won a Jury Prize at the Machinima Expo 6, a virtual film festival dedicated to machinima.
Runtime: 13:06
Platform: iClone
Year of Completion: 2012
Country of Origin: United States

Directed by Kate Lee & Sherwin Liu

Tagline: After losing his loved one in a brutal case of rape-murder, David hopes to fulfill her dying wish with the help of Dr. Hendrix.

Notes: "When I am Laid In Earth" from "Dido and Aeneas" by Henry Purcell perfromed by Evelyn Tubb (Dido) and New Trinity Baroque chamber orchestra (Pedrag Gosta, director), used with permission from New Trinity Baroque Orchestra. -- Cast -- Robert Benjamin as David Ricky Grove as Dr Hendrix Sonya Cross as Jenny -- Music -- Henry Purcell -- Dido and Aeneas -- "When I am Laid In Earth" Evelyn Tubb (Dido), with New Trinity Baroque, directed by Pedrag Gosta ** Music used with permission from New Trinity Baroque Orchestra ** Additional Music by Sherwin Liu -- Video Footage -- (Creative Commons Attribution License) "Simulation of Thalamocortical Brain Network - Spiking Neural

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