The Quit Your Life Tour.
An idea to make an edit in each city with a different camera/filmer/editor.
After five months away from my home in Denver, CO, I flew back for a few days before heading to Wichita, KS for 3 weeks with my good friend James Merrills, who had just relocated there for work. I was immediately blown away by the sheer amount of street practice rails, but James did a pretty good job of steering me away from them, pushing me to skate more interesting spots even if I didn't really want to. Wichita was a very different sort of filming experience being that it was just James and I for 90% of the filming. Coming from making the Seattle edit and the Portland edit in the same month, filming in Wichita seemed like skating on a different planet. At times it felt like the forces of Kansas were working against me, a tornado even touched down 3 miles away! However, we reigned victorious in the end and got enough footage to make an edit. Next stop: Denver, CO.

Edited / Filmed by James Money with a DVX-100a / Opteka Death in Wichita, Lawrence, and KCMO.

In case you missed the first four stops on tour: Two Weeks in Portland by Geoff Phillip 16 Days in Seattle by Carter LeBlanc The In Between by Greg Freeman A Month in Boise by Erik Bill

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