This is my progress reel of all my 3D works for Spring semester in 3D animation at UTS and is ordered in the following: 2, 1, 5, 4, 3, 6 (1 being the oldest and 6 being the most recent)

1. Bouncing Balls Shot - fundamental learning of Maya tools and process, we started learning simple weight, spacing and timing principles and applying our knowledge to the new software.

2. Obstacle Course Shot - mechanics and weight and giving the ball "life" through squash and stretch.

3. Squirrel Shot - learning overlap and delay in spine/tail segments and implementing squash and stretch

4. Vanilla Walk - a "standard" walk cycle with no character/personality. Understanding of weight, mechanics, timing and spacing, overlap and delay

5. Character Walk - animating a character driven walk, expressing emotion (angry) and playing with stomping spacing/timing

6. Action Shot - playing with body mechanics, staging, scenario (achieving a goal), weight, personality

All animation is done by Richard Chhoa (Me) :D
Rigs and textures are not my own

Music: 'Mining by Moonlight' by Kevin MacLeod (

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