An experiment with time remap. In fact just changed the cam : it was filmed with a Canon 7D at 60fps, making it really more smooth !

it was recorded as a funny pause while working on the performance "Cinematique" ( but this short dance is actually not in the show.
You can try it in real time in an exhibition called XYZT (

Just to explain : we have not invented this effect, we have just developed it to work on GPU at 60fps as a Quartz Composer plug in, it is based on sculpting of a 3D texture.
It's made with a custom Quartz Composer plug-in that transform a video stream in a 3D texture.
It can run at 60fps live at lower resolution (512x512)

AFAIK the effect was discovered accidentally by a photograph called Jacques Henri Lartigues at the beginning of the 20th century (in 1912 to be precise), with this famous photo :
After it's just technical evolutions : photography->video->realtime video
The funny part is that rolling shutter of many camera is not a feature, it's a pretty annoying effect...

Golan Levin made an Informal catalogue of Slit-Scan video artworks and research :

Music from Beirut

Dancers : Akiko Kajihara & Adrien Mondot

© Adrien M / Claire B

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