I love brides with long veil and I think Julie looked awesome with her one! Paul also looked awesome with his tuxedo set. The day went very smoothly with all the tea ceremonies and the church ceremony. I always hope that the couple would get emotional during the tea ceremony and its great to see some tears going on especially at Pauls’s place. The reception was at Parramatta league’s club. It was our first time filming there and I got lost a few times trying to get around the building because it was so big. At first I entered a pokies room and thought to my selves “I don’t think this is where the reception is..”

Anyhow, great to work with Paul and brandon from Studio Eclectic as well as Natalie from True Love Make Up, DJ Armand and Joseph Dinh MC. We love hanging out with fellow industry friends and for the record, wedding industry peeps are awesome! hahaha..

I just wanted to perhaps thank Joseph Dinh as well the MC who always been very nice to us vendors by mentioning our names during reception. It might be a small gesture and seem unimportant but for us we just simply feel appreciated.

The only hiccups for us on the day was probably how our beloved editor Chris started feeling sick while editing the same day edit. He somehow managed to get food poisoning and had fever the whole day. Everytime he tried to eat something he would feel sick. But so proud to see him to not give up and pulled through the SDE and showed it on time. True warrior! Minhky also was very awesome helping me with covering everything nicely while I tried to help the poor sick editor every once in a while. Love a great team work. Thanks guys!

Thanks so much Paul and Julie for the awesome wedding day, awesome personality and awesome wedding crew. We appreciate you guys for having us, trusting us completely and we hope you guys would cherish this film for many many maaannnyyy years to come :)

Santo {papercranes}

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