"Drama Magnet" from the Tomorrow's Man album, "The Trial & Asylum of Peppery Penguin" c.2002, 2013 (reissue) Magic Angry Mouse Music.

Music and lyrics by Tomorrow's Man
Bass, Guitar: Brett Holinbeck
Video directed by: Alan Smithee

Latch on here,
to the bruise on my hip
where the needle goes in
where the pain
begins its puncture,
become productive;

hold on to me here,
my bastard meat
painting you in the paste
daddy left behind

throw your arms around me,
as sharp as the bottle
shattered at my feet;

I’m drawing you in,
I’ve drawn you in,
I’ve got you, I hold you,
I’ve opened your skin,

Your tears multiply
Your guilt rips free
I drop you to your knees
And forgive you;

Take me by the fist
And swing it back in my face
blame me for your scream
for the blood that's in your mouth;

Hold my hand as I writhe
here in the sand bitten
by the snakes of your hate, hate
you love me you hate me
you love to hate (me) --

I’m both poles, opposites
You’re metal, sharp and cold
I’m attraction, you obsess
I’m the sun exploding.

Your tears are leeches in my brain,
Your anguish rips through my ribs,
I drop to my knees, I bleed,
I forgive you.

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