Marcus Berley has a B.A. in Philosophy from Cornell University. His M.A. is in Psychology: Systems Counseling, from LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University. He Talks to about Bullying and what it means today. There are two types of bullying - physical and emotional ( Cyber Bullying ).

The interview begins with these questions:
Marcus Berley: My name is Marcus Berley and I’m a mental health counselor specializing in work with adolescents and families. I have a private practice and I also work for an agency called The Institute for Family Development where the exclusively family counselling work. Previous to that, I spent about 4 years working in an emotional behavioral program at a high school with ages from 14 to 18, working with kids who in a need of extra support around their emotions and behaviors and academic success in school.

Ciaran Connolly: Very good so you are great candidate for us today to talk about bullying and young people. So, thank you very much again for taking time out to talk to us. It’s very much appreciated. Do you think that bullying is as big an issue today as it was maybe 10 or 20 years ago?

MB: It is certainly a much more public issue today. So, it’s really hard to say if it was happening less often than previously or if we just exclusively have more attention on it but it’s certainly on the spotlight.

CC: Sure and do you see a difference today on how bullying happens? I guess we got social media and mobile phones with text messages.

MB: Yes. So, there is really to me…I really like kind of split bullying in two ways and:

It’s physical bullying and that’s you know kids are getting hurt at school or in the playground or just on a street walking home; someone physically attacking another person. So, that’s one element of bullying.
And then we have got all the cyber bullying and really it’s so new and it’s so complicated and so prevalent because pretty much all of our teenagers are on social media especially on Facebook and one fascinating part of all this is all of the bullying is recorded. These kids do not cover their tracks in anyway, they are either not aware of that element of it or…it doesn’t mean the same thing as it would to a different generation.

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