READ: Anonymous true story with examples from the media to help illustrate similarities in other people's situations. To add more detail to it, I'd need to upload more video in future.
If you watch this more than once, it's worth reading through the text carefully to see the order of events. Generally, I've found this can help clear up any possible confusion in comments. This video does not have space for political solutions or other solutions which are not political but based on the actions of individuals rather than a group (you viewers, the comments section or more video could help providing discussion). It has only space in the time limit enough to recount key events. There may be a glimmer of hope in some of the people in the video, even if there is darkness in other people in the video. This is in Britain, but similar events happen in other parts of the world too (USA, Europe, Australia, Canada etc.)
I am considering making a video about what it is like for a father to be in the position of loving a child who has been born out of such a sexual assault on the father and then bred to hate the father, (or at least find the mother's actions acceptable or to be indifferent to the injustice of what happened). Although the biology of a father and mother's physical reproductive system is not identical, were this situation the other way around, I think it is still worth considering how a woman would be portrayed if she were the victim of the father doing something like this (forced conception via whatever method or lies, followed by the child being raised with a sort of stockholm syndrome). The factor that multiplies all this horror is the huge time period of "not knowing" - i.e. in order to BE a father, you have to know that you ARE the father. Wielded against father and child, information can be "power" to a perpetrator. Both the child and the parent are the victim of something horrible. Not being "allowed" to love your child (by the family law system, by the mother, by society and maybe even by the child) is one of those cruel impositions by society which lets you know how freedom is something that can only truly come from within. If a victim mother in the reverse situation had to face her male child who had maybe grown to find the actions of the father acceptable to maybe even do it themselves to somebody else, it would be an act of love for that mother to consider it best not to be an enabler to that child (once of adult age), so that, like a drug addict, they did not perpetuate the same process into a sort of legacy. Things to think about are how we view men or women in situations which are reversed or in situations which are identical. Also in either situation we may consider how it might be for the child of either male or female sex. Are all "rights" biologically different too? The copyright on contained video clips are not owned by me but are used through fair use. Those clips are used to help illustrate information from professionals with whom I am not affiliated. The people in the videos may not agree with me on absolutely everything and I may not agree with them on everything either. However, the quotes from them I use do well to illustrate similarities enough on some small points in order to convey enough meaning. An example would be that, while I find him a talented comedian with whom I agree on some points, I do not agree with everything Bill Hicks says in his other Stand-Up comedy shows, but his quote at the end does well to show how sometimes, certain elements of society feel it is for the "greater good" to silence an individual... usually because there is some consequence which they allow to dictate their course of action (in this case, investment in The Ride). Speaking of which, if this video is taken down through censorship, then back-up channels (if used) would be BoyCriesTruth and MaleCriesTruth, where this description you are reading would also be copied and pasted.
Some information in some clips may conflict with information in others. e.g. while a counsellor may be a good idea, should we consider who those counsellors are and from where their training comes? Such issues are open to interpretation and may or may not require subtle tweaking rather than a sledgehammer to crack a nut. In the constraints of its youtube time limit, this video cannot be exhaustive in its analysis of such matters, so, the comments section may be a good place for viewers to bring ideas to the table on things like this.
Here are extra links which are not, in some way or another, referenced in the video.

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