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A comprehensive parcel fabric is not only critical but required for quality land base expansion planning, development, network maintenance and servicing. Through this webinar, CoreLogic will show you how parcel data plays a critical role in land base optimization, strategies for building a land base, and how organizations combat service addressability challenges with spatially accurate and consistent parcel data. Guest speaker, Chris Hannah from Cox Communications will discuss the impact of precision geo-coding and parcel based spatial data at Cox Communications. Chris will discuss this in two scenarios; using precision geo-coding as a basis for data linkage between disparate location based datasets as well as a more traditional use in assessing the viability of service delivery to commercial business locations over terrestrial / physical networks.

In this webinar you will learn

Why accurate, complete and consistent parcel data is the foundation for land base optimization
How the parcel fabric and address points enable you to find high-revenue opportunities for network expansion and upgrades
What organizations are doing to combat challenges in planning, development, network maintenance and service addressability
The importance of data consistency and spatial accuracy for service addressability
What you need to consider before making parcel data buying decisions

Howard Botts, VP, Chief Scientist, CoreLogic

Steve Egge, Sr. Sales Director, CoreLogic

Christopher Hannah, Director of Market Planning and Business Analytics, Cox Communications’ commercial services divisions, Cox Business and Cox Media.

Who should attend

Decision makers at utility and telecommunications companies

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