Here is a project I put together a little while back, shortly after returning home from, what is now commonly referred to by millions of fans around the world, as "The Epic Road Trip."

Using the video clips that we took on our digital cameras throughout the trip, I put them together to form this project that you see here.

This was done back in October, it just took me a long time to put it online (because I've just been oh, so busy)... after a few failed attempts on other venues, I now bring it to Vimeo.

This was created with the intention of being for myself, and my fellow road trippers... so some of the stuff that is assumed you know what's going on, you might be out of the loop.

I dedicate this project to my fellow road trippers: Ben Teitelbaum, Brandon Spencer and Harry Abrams

I hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think.

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