This remastered version has clearer charts and was put on half speed, with better music. So you can think about what the video says, ponder the charts. Even so, you can download the worksheet used and follow along, . Recommend that you FIRST read its cell A2 note. Put your mouse on A2; note will pop up that summarizes the video's import. Might save you time, heh.
Gist: Time can always end abruptly due to negative volition. So God orchestrates time in 490-year increments since Adam's Fall. That and other claims made in this video were extensively audited during years of intensive research. There is nothing like this on the internet. I learned it by mistake in May 2004, when trying to balance Daniel 9 to something my pastor taught; I was caused to realize God there REINSTATED time from the 1st Temple, to justify granting time to the 2nd. Which meant, He had a time-grant system He was using like debits and credits.

Scholars don't know of this system, for they keep making the wrong assumptions, and go OUTSIDE Bible to get dates. Bible has its own dating system; if you follow it exclusively, you balance from Adam forward. It's self-auditing, so you can tell if and where you miscalculate or misread. So you only need BIBLE. There is plenty of extra-Biblical corroboration, but you can't see it until AFTER you develop the WHOLE timeline ONLY using Bible. So, that's what I did. Apparently it's not been done this way, before.

Now, to the WHY. God begins Time accounting not at creation, but at the FALL, in Genesis 5:1. Due to the Angelic Appeal Trial (Gen 1:2 cf Isa45:7, 18-19) which Adam was created to resolve, AT LEAST 1 BELIEVER MUST SUPERMATURE EVERY 490 YEARS, OR TIME ITSELF ENDS. So Time is a Contingent Justice Issue, a baton-passing relay race, and can always end abruptly.

But when Israel left at the Exodus, she was Promised EQUALITIES of Time per Moses' prayer, Psalm 90:12-15. He's invoking that promise.

So when she rejected God as King, the promise went to David, 2Sam7. So Time Grants to David controlled when Time would end -- and from David forward, only MESSIAH could 'pick up the baton', Daniel 9:25-26 (compared with the dates and the meter Daniel and God both use in the passage).

Yet Messiah was rejected when He came; so technically, Time should have ended with His Death. Instead, He ELECTED a new group, and hence to pay a FAR higher price on the Cross, for a future "Church" as Bride: as Father might choose, in His Discretion (John 17:20ff).

So Israel ran out of time: but Messiah won it back, at the Cross (Psalm 110, Hebrews 1-3).

Hence the PROMISED time remaining, was the 1007 years for Israel; it vested in the Last David. Church operates de novo, on the old rules precedented in the Last Adam (Paul begins it at His Birth).

So Rapture must be pre-Trib, cannot be predicted. Criterion is Body Complete, Eph 4:13, not set time. So historical events nor prophecy, control; rather, Rapture is solely based on believer maturation.

This doctrine is all over Bible: dates, explicit text keywords, and meter are the primary 'tools' used to convey it. You often need to know Hebrew or Greek to vet its data.

A. Summary of how God Orchestrates Time: . If you'll study this material in depth, start with this Word doc, esp. its last two pages (which reproduce the cell A2 summary note of the spreadsheet). This doc also covers mistakes scholars make which prevent them from seeing Bible's dating system.

B. God's Time Units and Mirroring (Ps90:12-15) policy: . Here, all time accounting units are explained (i.e., 1 year, 7 years, 40 years, etc.) but focus is to show the Justice Accounting of Time itself. Mirroring is a redemptive 'reimbursement' of time well spent. Time lost is debited, but regained if certain conditions are met (hence Daniel 9).

C. Timeline from Adam through 2130 (entries post-Cross are sparse): . Use Excel's "View" then "Custom View" to access Time subsections (i.e., "David", "1st Temple", etc). Use Freeze Titles on cell B14 for best results.

D. The Lord's Birth and Death dates, chronology of Jewish Calendar to see God's Macro Orchestration of Time and Passion Week: .

E. has all the above links, including Youtube playlists, and summarizes the doctrine in its pages 2-4. It also has many links to outside historians and university sites to demonstrate how Paul accounts this doctrine metrically, in Eph1:3-14. Vimeo videos are counterparts to the lists in Youtube, so you can come here, instead.

File Name: HowGodOrchestratesTimeRemix2.wmv, 11/26/13, remastered from the 3/08/08 original wmv, since the original mswmm file can't be found.

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