Impact of Christ's updating of Psalm 82:6 in John 10:34. His update is overlooked. Bible never stops talking about it. Original 4/3/2009 video description, follows.
Introduction. Don't blow a gasket, this isn't the silly Gnostic or Mormon-like idea you've heard elsewhere. It's a real thing, to make "sons of God in Christ Jesus", for God shouldn't have to settle for lesser-thans. Which means, GOD Doing It GOD's WAY. Just as, His Son's Humanity BECAME "The Way, the Truth, and The Life": we will see HIS results, post-death. HIS doing, not ours. It's about the Infinity-finity dichotomy, and how God solves it JURIDICALLY, in order to solve it FUNCTIONALLY: this is explained at length (with verses) in the first section of .

Again, God shouldn't have to settle for lesser-thans. If He can add Humanity to Himself and pay for sins IN that Humanity, then He can bridge the Infinity-finity gap THROUGH that Humanity, aka "in Christ", and put HIMSELF in us. That's what Christ paid for in John 17.

The following videos in this series will be very simple to follow. Idea is to think over Scripture you already well know. Then you'll know how to answer the goofballs who think that John 10:34 is a statement to glorify man. Just the opposite -- it's to GET RID OF our human limitations. Which, obviously only God can do, and -- just as obviously -- we can't see down here, as Hebrews 2 and Romans 8 explain.

Underlying idea is the solution to the Infinity-finity dichotomy: for only if God operates INSIDE us, will it be fair to HIM, to create. This fairness-to-God issue gets no attention in Christianity, but should. How God resolves it, is first covered in .

Consequently, I wrote the DDNA webseries; it's dedicated to explaining this God-Alone-Does-It transformation. Series begins here: .

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