The proximity of perpendicular-speed IS enthralling!

My cheerful "Thanks Mate!" to Roy Arscott and Jane... who allowed moi to tweak their fine, longer, original video:

From: Roy Arscott 11/07/13
Re:TT 2013 ☣ 2ft away @ 180mph ☣ ★HD★ 100% commitment ☣ Jane's first time at the Isle of Man TT
sure go ahead that would be fun... probably.. :)
Sent to: Amélie Renoncule

From: Amélie Renoncule 10/31/13
Although I do have a YT channel, I post mainly on Vimeo:
WHAT I'd like to do, is to allow a greater audience to see your neat "Jane's 1st. Time" video, edited somewhat to mainly show her reactions & experience.
I assure you that Full & Complete attribution will be allotted you and your channel here. May I do so, Mon Amour...oui?
Sent to: Roy Arscott

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