A benefit for p:ear
Saturday, March 20, 2004
6pm - 3am
Rocketworks Studio / The Egg
411 SE 6th Ave. Portland, OR
$25 admission (includes Chopper raffle ticket).

CHOPPER WON is an "extreme" live-action multimedia event which aims to be the participatory cure for a culture obsessed with "Reality TV." For ONE NIGHT ONLY, you are invited to don your biker best and join in a cliche-twisting satire on the high-octane world of competitive sports and gear-head machismo. Shot and broadcasted in real time, with no edits, CHOPPER WON will document live art creation, musical performance, and theatrical stunts in a retro-futuristic B-movie "party" setting.

THE ARTIST Kenneth Wright (Rocketworks Design Studio) and a crew of 6 will construct/weld a chopper mini-bike over the course of an evening (6pm set-up until 1am). Working in a custom designed viewing cube located in the artist's studio, the crew will need to work rapidly to finish on time. The mood of the evening will be raw and fast, and will be augmented by thematic music, numerous live multimedia projections of the crew in progress, and on-the-hour updates by live reporters.

THE RAFFLE at 1am will be the climax of the event. When the chopper is complete, event attendees will have the opportunity to win the vehicle via ticket raffle. The Chopper Won crew will then drive the vehicle from Rocketworks to The Egg stage, only to interrupt an already-in-progress heavy-metal set by Manaconda (featuring members of MarchFourth Marching Band, The eels, Popewyrm, Spacefairy, + more). A winner (who must be present) will then be drawn. The winner will be allowed to drive the chopper out of the building accompanied by a procession of performers / crew.

THE EVENT will continue with more music by Manaconda, followed by special guest DJ's. We hope you arrive early and stay late. Aside from within the confines of the event space, CHOPPER WON will not be televised.

CHOPPER WON is produced by Kaosmosis in conjunction with Rocketworks Design Studio, SMARTtech AV, The Egg, Murk Visuals, and Gallery 500. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit p:ear (Program: Education Art Recreation). p:ear's mission is to build positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create meaningful and healthier lifestyles.

A special thanks to Red Bull Energy Drink and the Design Collaborative for their outstanding support and encouragement in making this production possible.

Music: "Unstoppable Machine" by Solovox
Vocals by Jen Folker
Additional Drums by Brud Giles

Camera: Matt Love, Aaron Miles, Kevin Balmer
Video Editing and Production: Diggable Monkey Productions

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