Q&A session for Doug Wilson's sermon "Why Children Matter"
Doug and Nancy Wilson answer questions at Monday's Q&A session

Christ Church – Moscow, ID
Q&A for Sermon #1748 – A.D. Nov. 3
Text: Ephesians 5:1; Zeph. 3:17

Source Link: canonwired.com/featured/1748-qa/

List of Questions from Q&A (with timestamp):


0:50 - Is there ever a good time to ask your child: “How do you think that makes me feel?”

1:53 - Is there ever a time to ask: “How do you think that makes her (your mom) feel?”

5:30 - Can a parent ever ask the question “How do you think that makes me or her feel?” effectively?

6:49 - Is there a way to use scripture effectively without embittering your children towards it?

8:16 – Is there a way to use scripture effectively without embittering your children towards it?

8:37 – How do you consistently discipline your child and at the same time show them liberty and freedom?

11:48 – How do you become a house of “Yes” without spoiling your children?

17:38 – Can using scripture to teach and admonish your children become abused or done wrongly?

24:10 – Can you talk about the steps you took to not take things personally when your children disobey?

27:03 – What steps did you take to both be on the same page when it came to disciplining your children?

32:13 – What should doing devotions as a young married couple look like? Doing devotions with your children?

36:14 – How involved should you be in your child's private devotions?

41:28 – How do you prioritize sins/issues to deal with when dad gets home?

46:40 – How does mom not be the dump truck when dad gets home?

48:35 – How do you apologize to your kids? Any thoughts on television for your kids?

54:45 – Is there a time and a place to not discipline your kids?

57:17 – What if your kids know what they did wrong and explained why they needed a spanking, but asked, “Can we not talk about it afterwards?”

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