Family (2010)

Lacan defines the family as an "institution" which reproduces "the structures of behavior and of representation".
Eva Pyrnokoki, with her performance FAMILY raises questions about the juxtapositions between structure and dissolution. It is about a familial structure and the dissolution that results directly from a dramatic transition: the death of social guardianship and disgust of every individual to cut the umbilical cord of his/her existential abyss.
The performance FAMILY is presented in the ground floor of Thission Lofts. Viewers, able to move through the private space of each performer, are erasing the walls/borders between viewer/performer and the spatial structures of the inside/out. At both levels (ground and first floor) of the space, viewers can watch the kinesiological and psychological behavior of "family members" against the "suffering body of the mother".
Concept and Direction: Eva Pyrnokoki
Performers: Androniki Marathaki, Andrea Dorian Rama, Eva Pyrnokoki, Konstantinos Sereleas, John Sideras.
Lighting: Elias Pimenidis
Photos: Christina Georgiadou

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