For the Vancouver Film School's Contest, My Year Video Scholarship. The phrase used is "So to all the long days, late nights, aches, pains & bruises, I say "Bring it"".

The video shown two kinds of story: the Rabbit story, and the Young Man story.

The rabbit had bad moments in his past, that even with these memories, he still lives with grace and happiness.

The young man are expecting a interview to shows his script, that he took a lot of time to create it, and finally he'll realize his dream.

The two stories shown that, even through bad life moments, stress and pains, we need to keep forward. Not to forget it, left behind it or to worry about it, but to show that even with them, we should fight to get a good life.

P.s: Did you noticed that the video starts black then finishes white? It's because symbolizes the transition of their moments lives, to bad for good.

All the musics belongs to Imcompetech Royalty-Free Music, that are under the Creative Commons 3.0, that allows me to use them, under with the oath to put the owner's credits on my video.

The site of Imcompetech Royalty-Free Music:

Here's the Imcompetech Royalty-Free Music's Licenses:

The Creative Commons 3.0 Legal Code:

All the drawings, animation, and footages were created by me.

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