"a village in the woods on a hill in the city at the crossroads of the world" is an instant site specific collaborative performance piece that took place on 29th of September in The Hill District, Pittsburgh, PA, USA as part of the UNLISTED performance series.

Central question of our project was:

Can we alter space without re-placing it?

Team was split into two groups:

01. Architects:

Monika Ponjavic (BiH)

Paul Farrell (Ireland)

Gavin White (USA)

Marina Radulj (BiH)

02. Performers:

Colin Lalonde (Canada)

Edwin Lee Gibson (USA)

Juan Aldape (Mexico)

Christina Springer (USA)

Winston Nunley (USA)

The task of the first team was to design the installation piece, which would serve as a scenography for the performance piece devised by the second team. The focal point of both teams was the chosen space of The Hill District, largely African-American community that is literally cut off from Downtown Pittsburgh, as well as the issues of revitalization, gentrification, urbanization etc.

This video shows audience response and fragments of the performance piece.
Editing: Monika Ponjavic

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