highlights of "joey tang guitar hero live 2009" concert in hong kong (part 1 of 2)

highlights shot using my newly acquired canon eos 7d. until the concert, i only had used it a few times shooting randomly while i was walking around the city. i am sure i looked rather conspicuously with all the zacuto gear attached. and, of course, very 自由行 feel. two times strangers came up and asked if it was a mobile phone that i had attached to the zacuto zound hotshoe.

i didn't use my zacuto rapid fire for this shooting for obvious reason. i don't think security will let me enter with the sight of it. instead, i used my another new zacuto gear, the z-finder version 2, to help stabilize. the entire footage was shot handheld. the z-finder has proved it is now indispensable. audio, as usual, was recorded using my olympus LS-10 pcm recorder using 44.1khz/16bit settings. as i was still new to the 7d, video was shot entirely using automatic 1080p 25p settings. i did try to shoot some photos during video shooting and this had given me some headaches during post to rectify the syncing problems created by the 1-sec pause that took place in video for each photo taken. i actually had repeated syncing a few times using pluraleyes before realizing the problem was caused by the 1-sec pause. i ended up doing a lot of the syncs manually. so, as convenient as the feature sounds, i will never use simultaneous video/photo shooting again in future. well, unless canon can fix it with a future firmware upgrade.

besides pluraleyes, post production was entirely done in final cut studio 3 on a 2008 macbook pro. no filters or grading have been performed to keep the video intact. only transitions and some motion effects have been applied.

lens used: canon ef 24-70mm 2.8L and ef 70-200mm 2.8L

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