A symbolic building of Otani University, Jingen-kan (previous main building, also known as “Red Brick”) turns a century in this year, since it had completed at Koyama Kyoto, and held a dedication ceremony.
And we have now completed and introduce a short film for Jingen-kan’s Centennial Anniversary.
Please enjoy the gentle, sometimes strict, and beautiful appearance of Jingen-kan watching over the students for a century.

To achieve a high-resolution and color expression transcending a usual video shooting, under the proposition how to capture its beautiful appearance and express the remembered scene of Jingen-kan which stands for a century, we use the “Timelapse” technique piecing together photographs shoot by the 36 Megapixels digital cameras, into a moving image.
Timelapse technique has a characteristic restriction that can’t move a point of view, but this time we combine various equipments and use “Motion Timelapse” technique that can move it. And, we lock a compressed biaxial timeline, transparent and deep color, and super high-definition detail into a film.
Also in the post-production process, we lavishly use the latest technology such as 14bit (4.4 trillion colors) color correction, HDR (High Dynamic Range) image grading, and 4K resolution* editing.

Please watch this short film in HD full screen mode.

* This short film is uploaded in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution.

Total Number of Photographs: 77,333 (over 3TB in RAW data)
Number of Photographs used in this short film: 20,367 (over 1TB in RAW data)
Period of shooting: November 2012 to September 2013




※本ムービーはFull HD(1920×1080 pixel)でアップロードされています。

総撮影枚数 77,333枚(3TB以上のRAWデータ)
本編使用枚数 20,367枚(1TB以上のRAWデータ)
撮影期間 2012年11月〜2013年9月

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