CUSCO - Blizzard
Michael Holm & Kristian Schultze
BSC Music - 1982 - Cool Islands
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This is a video channel created for the public from CUSCO
A blizzard, or white wind, is a storm of ice and hail with strong snowfall, which usually occurs in high mountain areas or high latitudes, where temperatures are well below 0 ° C. A blizzard accompanied by strong winds. When the precipitation occurs in places of lower height, these are called snowfall, The snow storms are very dangerous as they hinder the visibility and increase the risk of death from cold temperatures that occur in them. The temperature felt during a blizzard decreases easily by low of -20 ° C and visibility is seriously affected. A typical "white wind" causes a loss of perceived distances to override the view of the horizon or objects that can serve as visual reference. In extreme cases, visibility is possible only under a meter away.
Two types of snowfall:
Come down. As its name implies, is when the snow particles raised are low rise. In high nevasca particles reach great heights raised from the floor.

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