Maybe Me, an experimental short film inspired by friends and heroes who have died tragically.

Log line: Bobby wakes up from a dream in Washington Square Park in New York City, haunted by the loss of his friends and heroes, and encounters his own near death and challenges of survival.

Directors Statement: Vision/ sound Strategies

Maybe Me is a non-linear experimental dream-state narrative short film. Shot in HD Video, the story is influenced by numerous deaths of close friends and heroes. Following a vision, Bobby, our main protagonist, takes a walk through his neighborhood of Washington Square Park in NYC, encountering some of them who have died from accidental overdoses and suicides. These encounters reveal questions into our relationships with life, dreams, desire for eternal life, death and loss.

The imagery and sounds used are meant to illicit the cycle of life from childhood to death and from innocence to knowledge. Boys and girls as children, laughing, playing, use of earth and dirt, imagery of stars, dawn, dusk, and time lapse, all hope to contribute to the feel and meaning of this tragic and warning.

This short film hopes to open conversations that shed more light on our cultures fascination of eternal youth, use and abuse of substances. The great losses of talent and loved ones known and unknown personally, remain a perpetual problem and challenge in our culture.

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