UPDATE 07-02-14
It is with great regret that we have to mention Johnny Indiano passed away.It's really strange to realize he left and our thoughts go out to the great time we've spent with this special personality. We feel really pleased that we have been able to capture an image portrait of his daily life and now see Surrounded by Water not only as a movie but also as a tribute to the best wildlife guide of the Pantanal. R.I.P.


We’ve been on the way for six weeks now and have passed by many beautiful places or 'Bonita Lugares' as they're called over here. The Pantanal is one of these Bonito places. It's a real paradise for wildlife and thus famous because of its ecosystem.

Every six months the Paraguay River rises between two to five meters which causes the Pantanal to turn into the world’s largest tropical wetland. The wildlife gets surrounded by water and move to the higher located islands to stay there during the wet season.

During our stay in the Pantanal we met wildlife expert Johnny. A local inhabitant who has been living in a tribe before he started exploring the whole Pantanal just by himself. He recognises the animals just by hearing a sound and he's just a really cool personality to be with. Nowadays he's working as a guide and he had the honour to show the Pantanal to the National geographic, the Discovery channel and even Martin Gaus.

We had the chance to spend three days with Johnny and shot a short image portrait of the Pantanal and Johnny’s daily life.

Emancipator - Rattlesnake
Bonobo - Bushy Never (Bonobo Mix)


Sony FS700 + Mitakon Lens turbo
Canon 550D + Magic Lantern
GoPro Hero 3 Black edition

Carl Zeiss ZF.2 - 25mm, 35mm F2.0
Sony16-80mm Carl Zeiss
Helios 44-5 58mm F2.0
Tamron SP 80-200 F2.8
Sigma 10-20mm F 4-5.6

DJI Phantom drone + Gimbal tarot t-2d
Lanparte shoulder rig + follow focus

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