David Bromberg, an extraordinary instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, plays bluegrass, blues, folk, jazz, country and western, and rock and roll. His eclectic blend of music is hard to describe, he said. “It's fun. It's roots, or Americana, for some people, but nothing really describes it,” he said. “You just have to hear it.”

In the words of the New York Times, Bromberg "has such control of his audience that he can, at one moment, hold it in his hand with a tender, touching yet funny anecdotal song, and then set it romping and stomping with a raucous bit of raunch. He is electrifying."

“These guys (the other members of the David Bromberg Quintet) are inspiring, original and quick on their feet, which you have to be to play in my band,” Bromberg has stated about them, adding that the group doesn't make a set list for shows. “It keeps them on their toes and no two shows are the same.”

That said, last Saturday at the High Point Theater we saw David and his Quintet, and it took me back to some of the last, yet finest, times I saw him around 20-25 years ago. He was quite the accomplished musician then and, quite literally, he and the band haven't missed a beat - the jams, riffs, reels, raucous and tremendously humorous ballads continue on with his recently released album "Only Slightly Mad". And darned if he didn't yank out several precious golden favorites from his classic albums of the mid to late 70's. His music has always made me grin from ear to ear and I just didn't want this night to end. "Jubilant" would not be a stretch!

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