YRU is a free 2-hour event that is highly-interactive, forward-thinking, and that opens up real conversations about work, life, faith and health that can change the direction of our lives. To register and for more information visit whyareyou.org/ for more information.

If it's difficult to imagine what YRU looks like, it's because we rarely see events like this. We are used to being talked at, and not talked with. YRU is about the conversations that scream out inside of us, but that we only whisper out loud. It's been best described as being like an interactive Ted talk with a twist. It's fun, engaging, and unlike any conference you've attended in the past.

If you know someone at a crossroads in their career, in the midst of a life transition, or simply trying to get intentional about where they are going and why, bring them with you to YRU on November 23rd. It's a safe place for them to get connected and to talk with others in the same space in life.

"When all is said and done, it really IS all about the conversation, listening, and making yourself vulnerable."
-YRU 2012 Participant

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