In early 1960, to coincide with the dawning of a new age... Eris goddess of chaos began creating a magical changeling boy, a golden boy, with a silver tongue and muscles wrought from knotted steel.
From Orpheus she stole books of poetry and song and rammed them into the baby’s DNA. From Ares she stole steroids to ensure he grew tall dark and handsome. From Aphrodite she stole skin and hair care products, moisturiser, pentapeptides and caffeinated shampoo.... She rubbed them into his body to smooth his masculine lines. This gave him soft skin and soulful eyes and had the odd effect of making him British.
Finally from Zeus himself... she stole a black jacket, in which she wrapped the boy while he slept.

When the other gods caught wind of the scheme, fearing the worst after the Golden-Apple incident, they panicked. Aphrodite cursed the boy with a large nose and a mop of unruly dark hair. Orpheus decided he could keep the words but would never be talented enough to really sing them... Zeus didn’t see what the fuss was about and decided he could have the damn jacket, but just for good measure made it law that he would have to wear it whenever being photographed for press or other publicity.
Ares however, being Ares, The “manliest” god in the pantheon, panicked.... He removed all skill in battle and sports and imprisoned the boy forever in the most frightening place he could possibly imagine. Which turned out to be the uterus of a human female... nine months later, he realised his mistake.

Neil Gaiman, doomed by his gifts and curses to be a writer... walked the earth constructing new gods from fallen stars, London Underground stations and other half-forgotten mythologyies. By way of revenge he gave power to the small gods, imps and demons that so rarely get a mention. And the pantheon is richer for it, eventually even the old gods decided this was true... and Eris was happy for this was her plan all along... if Eris ever really has a plan.
In fact everyone was happy. Everyone except for Neil.

Neil was lonely. Aphrodite, Ares, Orpheus and Zeus felt guilty for what they had done...So they sent him Amanda, a lesser goddess, named for ‘those worthy of love...’ in the form of a beautiful, battle-ready performer (with great hair, a perfectly respectably sized noes and a whole range of outfits) She married him. And they have lived happily from that day to this...

Even now... Neil’s good work goes on... and a legion of imps, demons, fairies and lost souls celebrate his life and works.
But this isn’t the end. At one of her recent gigs Amanda realised that the audience wasn’t entirely human. And that they weren’t there for her gig alone... that they had a message that they wanted to send. A message that for reasons we can’t go into right now, Amanda was unable to deliver in person...

This is that Message....

Credit is due to...
Original Concept/Muse - Amanda Palmer
Music - Lou Reed, 'I'm Waiting for my Man' from the album Back to Back: Lou Reed and Iggy Pop
Photographer Editor Director Writer - DannETP, @DannCasswell
Assistant Director - Eleri Shone, @El_Prune
Artistic Consultant/Edit Assistant - Alexandra Casswell Becker, @AlexandraBecker
Casting / Floor Manager - YDMFreshmaker
Patron of the Arts - Matt Winkworth
Host - Rev-Captain Liability Eden , @LiabilityEden

...and all our wonderful letter-holding beauties xxx

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