Trailer#2 Published on August 29, 2013

After six years from being cleaned off drugs and crimes now preaching at a local church, Johnny is forced to return to the streets to deal coke due to a life threatening illness. Having limited time and dealing with the change of the times, no other choice then to return to what he knows best. While struggling with clientèles and trying to obtain a loan from past employees from his days as a runner. He's willing to sacrifice it all again for a final and meaningful act.

This is a short story/prologue to the feature film SUBSIST not yet filmed.

copyrighted Juan Morillo 2013

taylor murphy-sinclair
joanna jones
sophia saheem
asad arastu
lia richardson
anselmo martini
dominick egan
john mathews
brian kubach
mike kruzel
katherine adams
ennis jackson
terroon kibwe
marlon begue
monique hillard
juan morillo

jessican gallant /dp/director
george tate /audio
juan morillo /director/producer/story/editor

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