[ Music: I Got U by Sweater Beats ]

This was a match-move/object tracking piece done for my 3D motion design class at University of Colorado Denver. The concept of this project is based around the innovative and inspiring project called Box by Bot & Dolly (vimeo.com/75260457). Each of us had a 15 second video clip shot of us moving around a canvas. I was able to take my shot, track the canvas in After Effects with the Mocha plug-in and then overlay a custom animation made in Cinema 4D. The idea was to create an animation that expressed what (Digital) Design meant to me.

I am constantly inspired by the Universe and the sacred geometry that occurs naturally within it, so that is why I chose the particular objects I did.

Design, to me, is all about transformation. Being able to transform into what each of my clients needs me to be, allowing my skills to transform and elevate to new levels constantly. Being inspired by this amazing Universe and transforming my thoughts and ideas into reality.

I hope you all enjoy this! I really loved making it :)


Programs Used:
Cinema 4D
Adobe After Effects

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